Monday, March 1, 2010

Under the weather, but still having fun!

Wow! What a week! Everyone in our house has been kind of sick with a terrible cough. Lauren ran a fever for about a day and had some sloppy sneezes for a while, but she's getting better. Evan has a cough, but other than that, he has been okay. We attended the Blue & Gold banquet on Friday night for Cub Scouts. It was fun, and most importantly, they served good food! Bob Evans was catered in, and I was starving, so it tasted wonderful to me! Evan was good the entire time even though it was a whole lot of sitting and watching people get their awards. He ate his dinner and, after receiving his award with his Den, sat with his friend Harrison drawing pictures of haunted castles with green cats and witches with magic brooms.

Yesterday I helped Evan make a "book box" for school. They are working on independent reading and each child needs a box to keep their independent reading books in. We used a cereal box and Evan decorated it like a race car.

Evan at the Blue & Gold banquet

Evan's race car book box for school

Today Lauren enjoyed chewing on her very first Girl Scout cookie...a thin mint.

She also played with a tube of Blistex for some time while sporting morning nap bed head...

She has not only gotten the hang up pulling herself up on whatever she wants, but she can now lower herself back down to the floor without waiting for someone to come & help her. We bring her basket of toys from her room to the living room and she gets out whatever she wants!

Her two top teeth are poking through the gums now, but not enough to show up in the pictures. She's going to look like a different girl pretty soon!

This was taken when we were just hanging out at home...

Evan was watching his dad try to win a race on the Wii...

Lauren likes to play peek-a-boo with the curtains...

She also likes to crawl around with laundry on her head. Yes, she did that to herself...

She had a blast when she kept putting the laundry on her head and crawling around with it. So much fun to watch!!

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