Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wishing for warm weather

Here it is Friday evening! Evan and Brian are playing a racing game on the Wii with the new steering wheel controllers. I, on the other hand, am uploading photos from earlier today and reminiscing about warmer days. I would love to know just how fast snow can melt. 

Lauren finally pulled herself up completely today! When I went to get her up from her afternoon nap, she was standing up in her crib smiling! I was so happy for her! It was so exciting! She then pulled up later this evening using the end table and knocked her dad's drink onto the floor. The days I had long forgotten with Evan are quickly coming back to me now! Just like her brother when he was a baby, she finds anything and EVERYTHING that's on the floor. The smaller it is, the quicker she finds it! And when she sees you coming to take it from her, she puts it in her mouth and crawls away as fast as she can! And when you take it out of her mouth...boy does she get mad!

Finally! Pulling up all by herself! Yay!

I'm nuts about grandma

The HUGE Nerf gun!


I did say I was dreaming of warmer days, right? So I thought some vacation photos from last summer would be prudent.  Ha! Did I say prudent?

Me & Ev

Ev & sis

We had quite a few days of not-so-good weather. This is a photo looking out to the beach from the pool area.

Ev & dad in the pool

From the balcony of our condo...

Lauren's first beach chair

Ev taking a break from the pool (his favorite place!)

Ev & Nana on lunch break

Evan playing with the only other kids he met who were also staying where we were. After talking to their mom, we learned that they were from Kettering too.

Ev & sis

The view I can't wait to see again...

Evan leaning in while little sis gets a burp out...

Morning coffee view...

Ahhh...that was nice! Now back to reality! Maybe I'll take Evan out to build a snowman!

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