Sunday, March 21, 2010

To the Driving Range with the New Clubs!

On Friday, we took Evan and his new golf clubs to the driving range. He had so much fun, and did a great job of hitting that ball! It was beautiful outside, but got a little chilly at the end (for me anyway). On Saturday, we all went to the Magic Castle, where they have miniature golf. Another beautiful day! After playing the 18 holes of mini-golf, we went inside of the Magic Castle and let Evan play on some of the climbing things. Laren did a great job, but got a little tired at the end. She managed to hang in there though! I took some pictures at the driving range, but not mini-golf, cause I was playing too! I will not give away my score, but I will say this...I did NOT do well! We all had fun though!

Dad gave a few pointers...

And turned Evan loose!

Evan did hit the ball past the barrel in the photo a few times! It was exciting!

Dad's clubs, Evan's clubs

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More School Projects and Larry the Leprechaun!

Wow! They make so much at school! It's so awesome, and even though I take pictures of everything, I REALLY have a hard time not keeping each and every one. I had to use up about four minutes of Evan's time today, when he came in from playing with his friends, to take the photos. The sun was dwindling, and he didn't want to stand still, so...they are what they are! Ha! Lauren lets me take as many pictures as I want, but I know THAT may not last forever.

This is a leprechan that Evan made and was hanging in his classroom. It came home today. Evan told me that Larry the Leprechaun visited their classroom yesterday. He came in when they were gone and moved all of their books to different places. He also left all of them Lucky Charms on their desks! They each had to make up a math problem using the Lucky Charms, and then got to eat them! Evan even told me that a girl in his class set traps for leprechauns at her house and caught one! I asked him if that leprechaun had a pot of gold and he said yes! Lucky girl!!

This is a project that they worked on in art class. It's a clown, but I haven't gotten the story behind it though. So, we'll just call him the "mysterious clown!" 

This was a Cub Scout project where the boys each had to make a "cake" to be a centerpiece on the tables for the Blue & Gold Banquet last month. They were able to bring them home afterward. By the time I took this photo, Evan was asking me "why I was taking so long", and his smile kinda took a break for a minute.  

But when he got to hold up the drawing of a mountain that he made for the geography book they're making at school, his smile came back!

 And then there is Lauren of course, who is happy just because we're hanging out together.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


At school, Evan makes so many things and brings them home. Naturally, I want to keep each and every one. However, I know this is impossible unless I rent a storage space. Ha! So...I try to keep what I can, and I try to take pictures of him with everything, just in case the item can't be kept. This requires having him hold up the items and letting me take his picture, which of course is not always what he wants to do. There is always something more fun to do than pose for the camera for mom. I have FINALLY pinned him down to three minutes of "picture time" to capture some of the items he's brought home from school recently.

Dr. Suess' birthday was last week. Hats were made to celebrate!

A tree with snow falling made in art class

Evan's crown for his 7th birthday celebration at school...

For the one hundredth day of school, each child was to decorate a shoe box on the outside. Then they had to choose an item and put 100 pieces of it in the box. On a clue sheet, they gave the class clues as to what was inside the box. Then they took turns guessing what was in the boxes. Evan's had 100 googley eyes that we glued on the inside.

So, as it is my goal to take pictures of everything Evan makes at school, it is also a goal of mine to take pictures of Lauren in every outfit she has, because they are all so cute and she is growing out of them so quickly. We'll see if I can make it happen.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Afternoon and Yesterday Too

Each day, I take a break from working in between Lauren's naps. We eat lunch, play...and take pictures of course! These are from today and yesterday afternoon. She is so sweet and LOVES to have her picture taken!

Looking into her purse...

The Bakugan card she would not be touching if big brother were home...

Looking for her book...

Found it!

She wants to touch the camera...

And her feelings get hurt when she can't...

But then she gets over it!

Lauren was watching her brother playing outside with his friends. He finally got to wear short sleeves and his friends even had shorts on! Gotta love the warm weather!

Monday, March 8, 2010

So Busy and Chicken Tortilla Soup

Here we are at the end of a VERY busy weekend. Evan had a lot going on with a scavenger hunt at the Air Force Museum for the Scouts and a friend's birthday at the Chaos Room on Sunday, and boy was it CHAOS! Ha! We had a lot of fun during the scavenger hunt. Each scout was given a paper with clues to find regarding many of the different planes, and it definitely forced us to pay more attention than we ever have before to everything in the museum! The Chaos Room has two big rooms that you can rent for parties. Each room has EIGHT different video games projected onto the walls, each with four theater-style seats complete with Wii remotes. The kids could move around the room and play each of the different games. I stayed to watch because it was unbelievable. They all had so much fun!

Today for lunch, Lauren and I shared a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and some crackers. She had some of her crackers dipped in ranch dressing from my salad, and she loved it! She loved the soup too! She may have eaten more of it than I did! We had a lot of fun.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Under the weather, but still having fun!

Wow! What a week! Everyone in our house has been kind of sick with a terrible cough. Lauren ran a fever for about a day and had some sloppy sneezes for a while, but she's getting better. Evan has a cough, but other than that, he has been okay. We attended the Blue & Gold banquet on Friday night for Cub Scouts. It was fun, and most importantly, they served good food! Bob Evans was catered in, and I was starving, so it tasted wonderful to me! Evan was good the entire time even though it was a whole lot of sitting and watching people get their awards. He ate his dinner and, after receiving his award with his Den, sat with his friend Harrison drawing pictures of haunted castles with green cats and witches with magic brooms.

Yesterday I helped Evan make a "book box" for school. They are working on independent reading and each child needs a box to keep their independent reading books in. We used a cereal box and Evan decorated it like a race car.

Evan at the Blue & Gold banquet

Evan's race car book box for school

Today Lauren enjoyed chewing on her very first Girl Scout cookie...a thin mint.

She also played with a tube of Blistex for some time while sporting morning nap bed head...

She has not only gotten the hang up pulling herself up on whatever she wants, but she can now lower herself back down to the floor without waiting for someone to come & help her. We bring her basket of toys from her room to the living room and she gets out whatever she wants!

Her two top teeth are poking through the gums now, but not enough to show up in the pictures. She's going to look like a different girl pretty soon!

This was taken when we were just hanging out at home...

Evan was watching his dad try to win a race on the Wii...

Lauren likes to play peek-a-boo with the curtains...

She also likes to crawl around with laundry on her head. Yes, she did that to herself...

She had a blast when she kept putting the laundry on her head and crawling around with it. So much fun to watch!!