Monday, March 8, 2010

So Busy and Chicken Tortilla Soup

Here we are at the end of a VERY busy weekend. Evan had a lot going on with a scavenger hunt at the Air Force Museum for the Scouts and a friend's birthday at the Chaos Room on Sunday, and boy was it CHAOS! Ha! We had a lot of fun during the scavenger hunt. Each scout was given a paper with clues to find regarding many of the different planes, and it definitely forced us to pay more attention than we ever have before to everything in the museum! The Chaos Room has two big rooms that you can rent for parties. Each room has EIGHT different video games projected onto the walls, each with four theater-style seats complete with Wii remotes. The kids could move around the room and play each of the different games. I stayed to watch because it was unbelievable. They all had so much fun!

Today for lunch, Lauren and I shared a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and some crackers. She had some of her crackers dipped in ranch dressing from my salad, and she loved it! She loved the soup too! She may have eaten more of it than I did! We had a lot of fun.

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