Thursday, March 18, 2010

More School Projects and Larry the Leprechaun!

Wow! They make so much at school! It's so awesome, and even though I take pictures of everything, I REALLY have a hard time not keeping each and every one. I had to use up about four minutes of Evan's time today, when he came in from playing with his friends, to take the photos. The sun was dwindling, and he didn't want to stand still, so...they are what they are! Ha! Lauren lets me take as many pictures as I want, but I know THAT may not last forever.

This is a leprechan that Evan made and was hanging in his classroom. It came home today. Evan told me that Larry the Leprechaun visited their classroom yesterday. He came in when they were gone and moved all of their books to different places. He also left all of them Lucky Charms on their desks! They each had to make up a math problem using the Lucky Charms, and then got to eat them! Evan even told me that a girl in his class set traps for leprechauns at her house and caught one! I asked him if that leprechaun had a pot of gold and he said yes! Lucky girl!!

This is a project that they worked on in art class. It's a clown, but I haven't gotten the story behind it though. So, we'll just call him the "mysterious clown!" 

This was a Cub Scout project where the boys each had to make a "cake" to be a centerpiece on the tables for the Blue & Gold Banquet last month. They were able to bring them home afterward. By the time I took this photo, Evan was asking me "why I was taking so long", and his smile kinda took a break for a minute.  

But when he got to hold up the drawing of a mountain that he made for the geography book they're making at school, his smile came back!

 And then there is Lauren of course, who is happy just because we're hanging out together.

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