Sunday, March 21, 2010

To the Driving Range with the New Clubs!

On Friday, we took Evan and his new golf clubs to the driving range. He had so much fun, and did a great job of hitting that ball! It was beautiful outside, but got a little chilly at the end (for me anyway). On Saturday, we all went to the Magic Castle, where they have miniature golf. Another beautiful day! After playing the 18 holes of mini-golf, we went inside of the Magic Castle and let Evan play on some of the climbing things. Laren did a great job, but got a little tired at the end. She managed to hang in there though! I took some pictures at the driving range, but not mini-golf, cause I was playing too! I will not give away my score, but I will say this...I did NOT do well! We all had fun though!

Dad gave a few pointers...

And turned Evan loose!

Evan did hit the ball past the barrel in the photo a few times! It was exciting!

Dad's clubs, Evan's clubs

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