Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It takes me so long to update and put photos out here! I upload all of my photos, and then have to look at each one individually and think about what was going on at that particular time when it was taken. I enjoy each and every one! It is so much fun, but it sure does take a long time! I never knew I was such a watcher! I love watching how Evan runs around with the boys and does completely boy things that I am absolutely unable to relate with! I love watching how Lauren figures out that she has to have the sippy cup turned a certain way if she wants to get a drink! I love watching her watch the other kids play, and the proud look on her face when she gets to be "one of the bunch". Awesome!

Some of the kids in the neighborhood were playing in the sprinkler last week. Lauren finally got to go out with them instead of watching from the front door!

Keira and Lauren

She definitely did not like the fact Evan and Keira were holding her back to take a photo!

On Saturday morning, Evan's Cub Scout Pack went to the VA cemetery to place flags on graves. It was Evan's first time going to a cemetery, so we had to have a talk about that. He didn't ask many questions, and seemed to understand why it was so important to wear his "class A" uniform as opposed to his other one on this particular occasion. He was amazed at the number of headstones at the cemetery. It was amazing, the number of kids who turned out for this. Within the hour after we got started, all of the headstones had a flag in front of them.

Evan, Joey and Josh


Taking a break

Evan and Joey