Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ah-Eee, Hay and Little Balls of....WHAT??

So Lauren is trying to say her brother's name now. He is officially Ah-Eee, and he officially hates it, though he is trying to be a good sport. She is really trying to say everything that she can, and is getting really good at telling us what she wants. If she wants her hair pulled back, she will come up to me, point to her hair and say "hay, hay, hay...." She wants her hay pulled back! She tells us when she needs to go, or already has already gone to the bathroom, so we are going to start toilet training soon!

The other day, I changed her diaper and came out into the kitchen to wash my hands and put dishes away. Shortly after that she ran into the kitchen yelling "thank you! thank you! thank you!" She does this whenever she has something that she knows she's not allowed to have, because we always take it from her and say thank you. She had her arm stretched way up above her head and I wasn't sure exactly what she had in her hand. As she got closer, I could see that it was a little ball of...you guessed it...I forgot to pick up the diaper that I had just changed. I had left it laying on the floor in her bedroom. I had her throw the little ball in the trash can and started down the hall to go get the diaper and throw it away too, when I saw more little balls laying on the floor in the hall. Sweet! I love poop balls on the floor! I got the mess cleaned up and then went to check Lauren out. I didn't see anything on her, so I sniffed her hands...stink. I sniffed her hay...stink. Bath time!!

Lauren likes to carry around this picture of her Ah-Eee

These pictures were taken right after we washed the stink out of her hay.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Projects...and the Space Derby of Course!

Tonight was the Space Derby for the Cub Scouts! It was such fun! Evan's rocket turned out great (after many hours of hard work!) Evan told us how he wanted his rocket to look and sketched it out on paper. Then his dad and I went to work. Brian shaped it and started the painting. Then we took turns doing bits and pieces of it until it was finished last night. It was a hit and came in first place in the first race! Evan was sooo excited!

The rocket...

The boys...

Here are some of the school projects that Evan has been working on. The first one is a picture he painted of himself as a king in art class.

And this is his "costume" from the vocabulary parade...his word was "suburb".

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, Halloween was a week ago, and finally here are the few photos that I managed to take. We had a mustache emergency for Luigi. The mustache was so wide that his lips were stuck together. So...we trimmed it. Then it wasn't sticky anymore. So...Aunt Jennifer and her magic make-up painted a perfect mustache on Luigi's face! Lauren was so cute carrying her little candy bucket, and she had a lot of FUN!