Saturday, March 13, 2010


At school, Evan makes so many things and brings them home. Naturally, I want to keep each and every one. However, I know this is impossible unless I rent a storage space. Ha! So...I try to keep what I can, and I try to take pictures of him with everything, just in case the item can't be kept. This requires having him hold up the items and letting me take his picture, which of course is not always what he wants to do. There is always something more fun to do than pose for the camera for mom. I have FINALLY pinned him down to three minutes of "picture time" to capture some of the items he's brought home from school recently.

Dr. Suess' birthday was last week. Hats were made to celebrate!

A tree with snow falling made in art class

Evan's crown for his 7th birthday celebration at school...

For the one hundredth day of school, each child was to decorate a shoe box on the outside. Then they had to choose an item and put 100 pieces of it in the box. On a clue sheet, they gave the class clues as to what was inside the box. Then they took turns guessing what was in the boxes. Evan's had 100 googley eyes that we glued on the inside.

So, as it is my goal to take pictures of everything Evan makes at school, it is also a goal of mine to take pictures of Lauren in every outfit she has, because they are all so cute and she is growing out of them so quickly. We'll see if I can make it happen.

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