Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! Brian was off work, and I took off too. Evan has been on spring break all week. Evan and I started the day out by going to get his hair cut in the morning. After that, it was off to McDonald's for lunch. Then we went to Kohl's to buy him some new tennis shoes. After Kohl's, we stopped into Target to get a bike trailer for his sister to ride in, so we can all go on bike rides together. They were sold out. So...we went to Dick's and found exactly what we were looking for. We finally got home and Brian put the trailer together. While he was doing that, I had Lauren out in the yard getting some pictures since it was so nice outside. By the time the trailer was ready to go, Lauren was ready for her nap, so we had to wait for the bike ride. Later on, when she woke up, Brian and I got her harnessed into the trailer. She wasn't sure what to think at first. She did NOT want to go into it. But after just a minute she was fine. and when we actually started moving, she loved it. Each time I looked back at her, she was smiling and waved at me. It was great. I didn't get any photos of her in the bike trailer, but I will soon!

Lauren loves pasta! She's my girl!

She always eats the veggies last!

Putting her money in my shoe!

Wearing the pretty dress that her Nana brought her for an Easter gift...

She has another pretty dress to wear for Easter, and I will post those too!
Have a happy Easter!

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