Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bounce U Party!!

On Saturday, Evan had his "friends" birthday party at Bounce U. It was a BLAST! The kids had soooo much fun! There are two huge rooms with lots of stuff for them to climb in, on, and of course, BOUNCE on! The favorite in the first room was definitely the huge slide where they got to ride down in a sack. There were also places where they could just jump and flip around, throw footballs at targets and hit a baseball that "floats" on an upward stream of air. In the second room, there was a slide that was almost as tall as the ceiling. The kids had to climb up through a "web" of elastic bands to get up to top to go down the slide. Evan didn't even attempt it last year, and I was so happy for him when he made it this year. It looked very hard (and very high)! After they wear themselves out for about an hour, then they go to the party room for cake & gifts. Evan had lots of friends who came and he received a lot of nice gifts. He got a backyard golf game that he can use with his new clubs, a lot of Bakugans, Legos and Star Wars figures. It was a really fun day!

The slide...

I LOVE this face!

And this face...

And this one...

I have more photos to post from his family birthday party that we had today, but I'll be doing that tomorrow! It's late! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!


  1. Love the pics! Dont know why, but i got kind of teary eyed! He is getting SO big!

  2. I know! It's happening too fast! I wish it would slow down!