Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evan's Birthday and my Two Little Valentines

February is definitely a busy month for us. This weekend, we had Evan's family birthday party and Evan also went to his friend Harrison's birthday party at the Magic Castle on Sunday afternoon. They did so much game-playing and climbing around, that when I arrived to pick him up, all the boys were about to fall down and looked ready for long naps. It must have been a lot of fun!

For his birthday, Evan got a Wii Fit and a game for it called Just Dance, Sponge Bob legos, a bird house to assemble, a weather station to assemble, a fish bowl with some prehistoric dinasour fish eggs which will hatch, a huge book of mazes and other games to keep him busy, armor for his kung zhu hamsters, a Taio Cruz cd, lots of clothes and a pair of Mario Bros. pajamas.

The kids also got Valentine gifts from their grandparents (clothes and candy). Their dad and I also got them some candy and he even brought a box of Esther Price home for everyone! Poor Lauren's nose was running the whole day that day. She has a shiny face in some of the photos!


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