Monday, May 24, 2010

Crossing Over and Hot Weather

Evan had his Crossover ceremony for the Cub Scouts last Monday. He was a tiger cub and became a wolf cub! He earned his wolf patch and his new neckerchief is yellow. After the ceremony the boys got to have some ice cream. They don't have a lot of meetings planned for the summer, but they will be decorating graves at the VA cemetery this Saturday. I will take some pictures if it's nice.

Lauren has been enjoying some time outside and even got to try out her new bathing suit that her cousins got her for her birthday. She did exactly the same thing that her brother did when he got in the sprinkler for the first time...froze like a statue. They have been having so much fun together. She rolls hot wheels cars on the ground and makes car noises. She definitely learned that from her brother!

Evan's Cub Scout Den...

Everyone loves ice cream!

Out of the entire yard full of fluffy green grass, she only wanted to sit in the mud! It hurt her feelings when I would not let her.

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